Mahoney Training Consultants

Cathleen Mahoney, who hails from Boston, created her own school called Mahoney Training Consultants in 1990 in Paris. MTC’s vocation is to assist companies in the organisation and implementation of quality language classes.

Tailor made solutions

Given the global context of business relations today, language barriers have become a thing of the past. We endeavour to provide you with quality and appropriate foreign language classes which will facilitate international relations.
MTC’s language classes are sector-orientated and more specifically client-oriented. Stemming from this, MTC’s pedagogical approach is to build a language programme based on the analysis of linguistic requirements for a given job.
MTC matches the qualifications and experience of its teachers with the requirements of the sector and the individuals involved.
MTC carries out a linguistic audit within your company in order to provide you with a global vision of requirements and to enable you to set out a long-term strategy.

In house language training

All classes are held within your company : MTC organizes timetables depending on the availability of language learners and following the recommendation of their hierarchical superiors.
The pedagogical team follows up the training programme from beginning to end providing advice and assistance to the HR team when necessary in the following domains :

• Number of teaching hours required to reach a certain level of expertise in the chosen language
• Combination of different learning methods and strategies according to point of departure and professional objectives to be met.
• Selection of classical pedagogical tools and e-learning solutions taking into account the specific needs of learners

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